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First Time: Stranger in the Park (1/3) 
 44 votes
Author: bi_guy_21206  Published: 6/27/2007  story views: 13836

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I knew for sometime that I was bisexual, particularly when it came to older men. Growing up in a small town and before the Internet was easily accessible, I didn't know where to turn.

A few weeks after my 18th birthday, I took advantage of the some nice weather and went for a jog in a local park. It was still very early spring and the cold weather was chasing away most people from coming to the park. I saw three other cars in the parking lot and assumed most of them were dog walkers based on past experience.

After my jog I decided I didn't want to go home and started to explore parts of the park off the running path. A portion of the park near the entrance was a maze of paths among the bushes with a few trail bathrooms near picnic areas. As I walked along the trails, I realized there was someone else there who wasn't walking a dog. In fact by this time I saw that most of the parking lot was empty besides one car other than mine.

From my first look, I could tell he was an older man and he looked out of place based on his clothing. He was wearing casual business attire, which stood out, in a part of the park covered in frozen mud and bushes. I just figured he was a businessman getting away from the office during lunch.

I eventually passed him on a trail and gave him a friendly hello and a smile. I've always had a fantasy with older men, more so when I was younger. (I'm in my 30's now). He was late 40's, 6ft a nice build, clean shaved and wearing glasses. He sort of had this professor look to him, which makes me want to drop my pants and bend over in an instant. I had never been with another man at this time and was too nervous to make the next move. He gave me a friendly hello and a smile back and we passed by each other.

Within the next 20 minutes, we seemed to keep passing each other and each time our conversations got longer and longer. I saw him sitting on a park bench and decided it was safe enough to sit next to him and just chat about anything to feel out the situation. It was then that I noticed his raging hard on through his khakis. He knew that I saw it and just looked at me but I was still too shy to make any move. After a few more minutes of chatting I saw him slide his hand down to his crotch and start stroking his cock through his pants, all the while talking to me. He slyly put his arm across the back of the bench almost inviting me to bury my head in his lap. Even then I was still too nervous to make a move. I could sense he wanted me, but I needed help. Without prompting he said, "I need to use the bathroom" and walked to the nearest trail bathroom.

My heart was racing now. I wanted him. I wanted him to be my first. I wanted to take his cock into my mouth. I wanted to feel sexy and feminine. I decided it was do or die time and walked into the bathroom a few minutes after him. To my
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Posted: 2008/3/1 13:12  Updated: 2008/3/1 13:12
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 good good good
I can't believe no one has commented on your story yet. I found it very ho t. Please don't stop writing.
Posted: 2007/7/6 12:38  Updated: 2007/7/6 12:38
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From: Baltimore MD (US)
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I'd love to hear some comments or feedback on my story?