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First Time: My Initiation (5/6) 
 14 votes
Author: Gentleman  Published: 12/22/2009  story views: 4798

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difficult. Now I started to whimper on every in stroke. Al finally got all of it in and then pushed hard so he was all the way and held me like that. I could feel his big balls up against my ass. I had surrendered; my ass was his and he was savoring the moment. I realized then that I was finally whole and that his cock in my ass was the thing missing in my life. I had dreamed of this moment for years. My head was lolling around in a haze of erotic surrender. "Oh you are so big," I whimpered.

Al held me impaled on his cock, my bowels stretched to the maximum. He was groaning and squirming. After a few minutes of us both savoring this moment, I said, "Fuck me gently, Al. Please take me but be sweet." Al's voice turned hard and cold again. He told me to shut up and slapped my ass. He was in charge and knew it. I would do whatever he wanted. All I could manage was a weak "Yes sir".

"That's better; now submit and tell me you love it," he said with a demanding voice. I did, humiliated but turned on like never before. Then he pulled his slippery cock out of my ass until only the head was still embedded; my ass was stretch so tight I could feel every ridge as he pulled it out; it gave me erotic shivers to feel this. Then Al started to slowly fuck me with long smooth strokes. On each out stroke I felt like I was missing him and on every in stroke I swooned. He growled how tight my sweet virgin ass was and continued to plow my field. I could hear the wet sucking sounds of his cock stroking in and out. I was panting. I was smitten and collapsed flat on the bed with Al on top of me pining me down. Al hissing naughty things in my ear every time he slammed his cock home and stretched my rectum to the limit. "Oh yeah, you love my big cock, don't you?" "Take it take the whole thing bitch; tell me how you love it, you slut." "Oh yeah, you are really getting the fucking you need, aren't you" Yes Sir I muttered in a meek voice between pants; he was right I loved it. I needed it.

Al started to fuck me harder while he had me pinned on the bed. I could not move; he was in control. I could feel every inched as he sawed back and forth my ass stretching it every time. Faster and faster he went. My ass was starting to tingle. He was getting louder as he fucked me "Take it bitch; yeah, take the whole cock" "How's it feel to be fucked hard? Now I am going to really give it to you" He started my fast slamming his big cock way up into my rectum on every push. He went so far up I thought it would come out my mouth. Slam, slam, slam went the bed along with groans from me. Finally he said "Oh yeah, almost there. Take my cum." He stiffened up and shot his load. I was limp and in tears from the most erotic experience of my life. Al lay on top of me while his cock continued to drain into me. He just held me there forcing me to take very last drop. After a couple of minutes I felt him shrink and his shiny cock slipped from my plundered ass. I

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