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First Time: My First TIme (5/7) 
 44 votes
Author: VictorAnderson  Published: 3/5/2008  story views: 8953

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absolute master. Still talking dirty to me and moving that cock head in and out of me. Gradually, my asshole relaxed to point that I was accepting him easily. He seemed to sense this and told me, "OK lover, let's feed your tight little asshole some cock." With this, he began putting more of his massive cock into my now more-compliant asshole. He would ease in a little more, move it in and out for a while and then give me more. Again this went on for a period that I can't even estimate. All I knew was that I was getting my cherry utterly busted and there I was nothing I could do about it but bend over and take it.

The dirty talk never ceased. "It's almost all in lover. How do you like getting your brains fucked out?" Again, I could do nothing but whimper. He was really enjoying himself, telling me, "I'm going to fuck you good boy; you'll be coming back to me whenever I want you." And, again, nothing out of me but whimpers. It seemed at this point that all I could think of was, "Where in the hell are his balls?" I knew that when I could feel his balls against my ass, I had accommodated this cock and that was what I was trying to do. Finally, he said, "Hey lover, one more inch and he's all in. Ready for it?" All I could do was to nod my head. He very deliberately spread the cheeks of my ass and with one good shove drove the rest of that monster up into my ass.

The quick move surprised me. At this point, I let out a yell; the first time that I had done so. The feeling of having the entire length of my lovers cock inside of me was indescribable. He must have been reading my mind when he said, "What's it like lover, what's it like having Nine and a Half inches up your tight little ass?"

I moaned softly and said, "I don't know how I took it."

He laughed and said, "OK lover, are you ready for it?" I had no idea what he was talking about but in the next instant I found out.

My lover repositioned his feet and put his incredibly strong hands on my ass. He again spread my butt cheeks as wide as they could go and said, "OK lover, now you're really going to give it up." With that, he began fucking me, hard and fast. For the next ten minutes, my only sensations were his body slamming against my helpless ass. All the noise in the room was the smacking of his flesh next to mine along with my moans. Again, the new feeling of being totally conquered excited me to a degree that I had never imagined.

Suddenly I experienced a new sensation. During the entire session, my own cock had remained limp, due to my own fear I suppose.

Now I became conscious that it was as hard as a rock and that as my lover's balls hit mine, I was about to have my own orgasm. When it hit, I cannot possible describe the sensation. Wave after wave hit me and it seemed to me that I would never stop coming. The jerking of my cock hitting the back of the chair went unnoticed by my lover; He was too intent on pounding my asshole ("breaking me in" he laughingly told me later.)

Finally, his frantic slamming
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Poster Thread
Posted: 2009/12/31 4:59  Updated: 2009/12/31 4:59
Joined: 2007/4/20
Posts: 2
 Same Here
I was 54 before I had my first gay sex and it was almost exactly like this experience.If only I had known how good another guys cock could feel both o rally and anally I would have tried it years ago
Posted: 2008/3/7 13:42  Updated: 2008/3/7 13:42
Joined: 2008/3/4
From: Atlanta
Posts: 1
 Re: fucking hot
Thanks. Glad you enjoyed. Let me know if you'd like to cybertalk sometime . I'm in a relationship but I still like to talk. Vic
Posted: 2008/3/7 12:48  Updated: 2008/3/7 12:48
Joined: 2007/3/21
From: ohio
Posts: 3
 fucking hot
made me shoot big time ! came all over my face, neck, and key board great story keep up the good work