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First Time: My First Craigslist Hookup (1/2) 
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Author: ohioyankee  Published: 4/20/2009  story views: 13132

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I am 21 5 foot 11 and 155 pounds, smooth body with very little body hair anywhere except my head. And I always wondered what a man-to-man sexual experience would be like. I am attending a training class in Texas for schooling purposes. I have browsed male for male ads in Craigslist for some time now. I placed a couple ads and wondered if this would be the time to explore my other side. Before I got to Texas I placed three different types of ads in the personals section of Craigslist. I thought I had some hot ads. They all said what I wanted to do, that I could host at my motel and included my stats. I also put my cell phone number in one of the ads. In all of the ads I had my pictures. One picture had me standing at the beach in my thong swimsuit. The other was another one of me kneeling on the beach with my dog with clothes on. The last picture was of me naked lying in bed with a erection. I really thought I looked HOT in my ads.

I was proud of my ads and I felt that I was ready to have a night to remember. I responded to several ads that were on Craigslist also. I sent all these guys the pictures and complete information about myself. None of these ads resulted in anything. Most guys did not want to travel to me or did not have time or just wanted a lot of my pictures of my ass, dick, abs, balls or whatever. I had several guys call me on my cell phone. Some of these guys just wanted to talk dirty to me. Some of them wanted to give me a blowjob but they were much older or I did not want their body type. I was receiving text messages all the time and e-mails all the time. I could not keep the guys straight what they looked like etc and if I had any interest. I started to think that maybe the phone number ad was a mistake because I could not keep up with all the text messages, phone calls, e-mails etc.

It was getting late in the night and I still did not hook up with a guy. In the process of all the text messages I received a text from this guy that was 24, 5 foot, ten, 170 lbs and dark almost black skin. He sent me very sexual texts like this. I want to come over and suck you off. You can fuck me in the ass tonight. I want every inch of your hot white cock in my black ass. I thought he was another tease that only wanted to get me pictures etc. In one of my texts I told him my motel name. Later I received a text and he wanted to know my room number. He said he was here. I went down to meet him.

His name was Chris. He and I talked for a couple minutes in the parking lot. Chris said he had a virgin ass and he wanted me to fuck him. He smelled like he had just come out of the shower and had a sweet smell of cologne on his body. I led Chris

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Posted: 2010/4/9 23:24  Updated: 2010/4/9 23:24
Joined: 2009/11/21
From: boston
Posts: 16
 me too
I have had four such hookups, all very nice and i have one coming up i have to pay but he is also black and i can`t wait.