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First Time: First Swallow (1/2) 
 36 votes
Author: colletonguy  Published: 1/14/2008  story views: 17213

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I was about 30 at the time, but had my first guy/guy experience when I was 20. I'm not sure if I was chicken or what but I'd never had a guy cum in my mouth. I'd sucked a few but either pulled it out and finished by jacking the guy off or he'd do it for me. Anyway, I'd been watching porn and found I was the most turned on by watching a guy cum in the mouth of a girl or guy.

I had chatted online with a guy named Bob who didn't live too far away from me but we'd never met. Bad timing mostly. While chatting one day he noticed the addition on my profile of wanting to try my first cum swallow and offered to help. My stomach was instantly in my throat. I really wanted to try it but was worried I wouldn't be able to. Most of my girlfriends had refused to take my cum in their mouth because of various reasons and I was worried I wouldn't like it. Would I gag or worse?

He kept assuring me it wasn't bad, speaking from experience, he told me what it tasted like to him, and what to expect. We talked about this for about an hour and I've never been harder in my life. He finally said, you know, in 15 minutes, you can find out if you really like this or not.

I made up my mind then and there to go for it, or actually, my cock made up my mind but it had rarely led me wrong. I showed up at his door a few minutes later, as nervous as I'd ever been. Meeting a guy for the first time was always stressful and this was more so because of what I intended to do. He opened the door wearing only a towel as he told me he would. He invited me in and shut the door behind me. He was a bear type of guy and I liked that. He had some gay porn going on the TV, which helped. He sat down on the couch and picked up a can of Sprite he'd taken out of the fridge. “This will help wash it down if you don't like the taste,” he said. Damn, this guy had thought of everything. I also got the impression he wasn't planning on letting me chicken out like I told him I was afraid I might.

He opened the towel he was wearing and there was my job. A nice 6 inch or so rock hard cock. He said our talk had worked him up and he probably wouldn't last long but also that he hadn't cum in a couple of days and would have a bigger than usual load.

Now or never is what I thought as I got on my knees and wrapped my fist around his cock. I stroked it a couple of times and then put it in my mouth. I first wanted to see if I could take all of him without gagging, since I was figuring he might go deep when he came involuntarily like I did. His dick was almost the perfect length for me. I could get the whole shaft in my throat without going deep enough to cause me to choke up. I sucked him for a minute or two, then pulled it out of my mouth to lick his balls, then put it back in my mouth and settled in to finish what I started. I started
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Posted: 2008/1/16 5:21  Updated: 2008/1/16 5:21
Joined: 2006/9/14
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 I liked and to the point!
Your experience is much like my first time! Subsequent times I knew what I wanted and why we were there..good job!