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First Time: First Man Fuck (1/3) 
 34 votes
Author: DaneFin  Published: 6/30/2008  story views: 11725

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My cock sank deep into his firm, hairless ass. It was the first time I'd fucked a man and I was relishing the feel of the man cunt wrapped around my hard, throbbing dick. He issued a low moan as I went forward, forcing his head further into the bed as I straddled his hips and pounded his hole.

We'd left on Sunday for a week of traveling together on business. It had been an interesting couple of days. The thought of having sex with him hadn't hit me until the third night. I was feeling horny and after three days of not jacking myself to sleep, I was going through withdrawal. When he came out of the bathroom after a shower one night, a towel wrapped around his waist, it wasn't until the loose knot slipped and he lost the towel mid step and I saw the piece of meat dangling between his hairless balls that I set on my mission of seduction.

The next night in a different hotel room, I showered first and carefully positioned myself on my bed while he showered. I sat on the bed with the towel wrapped around my waist but with my legs spread and my cock lengthening down my legs. There was no way he couldn't see everything. He paused slightly when he walked out the bathroom but didn't say a word as he went to his bed. That night, I slept nude. I'd worn boxers the previous nights but when I pulled back the sheets that night I just dropped the towel and reached over and shut the light off.

On the fourth night, I showered last and came out of the bathroom drying my hair with my towel, naked. He'd been sitting on the bed wrapped in a towel, as I had the night before, and I could see his cock poking out from underneath. I ran the towel over my hairy chest and then around my cock and balls. I twisted and dried my backside again. From the corner of my eye I could see him looking at me in the mirrors reflection. I walked between the beds and just before I shut off the light, gave my dick a slight squeeze.

As luck would have it, a freak snowstorm stranded us before we reached our final destination the next night and we ended up staying at his cousin's house. It wasn't until we arrived that John had told me his cousin was gay.

We had a great meal with Allen and his partner Scott and were later shown where we'd be sleeping. A former bedroom converted into an office with a large queen size sofa sleeper. As we readied for bed I again showered and came into the room wrapped in a towel wondering if tonight would be the night. When John entered the room, I could see the length of his dick trailing a lump down the front of his towel. We pulled back the covers and John dropped his towel and got into bed. I dropped my towel and reached over to shut the light off.

I lay in the dark, staring at the ceiling for a long time. Then I heard a thumping sound and loud groans coming from another part of the house. I heard John's breathing quicken and felt his foot against mine. Lightly at first, then a more lingering stroke.
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Posted: 2008/7/20 1:41  Updated: 2008/7/20 1:41
Joined: 2007/12/2
Posts: 63
 well written
Very good story and went together well. Bit kore description of the cock w ouldbe good but well donegot mine hard thats forsure. M