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First Time: Drunk Roommate (1/6) 
 140 votes
Author: fairyboi88  Published: 5/12/2008  story views: 40664

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My freshman year in college I shared a dorm room with my high school buddy Josh. I had such a hard on for Josh that I almost didn't take him up on the offer to room together - I wasn't sure I could handle it, being that close to him all the time. Once I got used to it, it was OK. Josh and I knew each other well enough and had been friends long enough that it was easy to get along, and if I just ignored his naked body parading around our room after his shower each night I could handle it.

The Saturday before the Thanksgiving break some guys down the hall had a party, and Josh and I went. There was lots of beer and several guys were passing around bottles of harder stuff, so a lot of guys got pretty shit-faced. I don't like to drink - afraid what I might do, for one thing - so I had a couple of beers, then stretched out on a couch to relax.

After I'd been on the couch for a few minutes, with my eyes closed, I felt the couch bounce, then felt someone slide onto it next to me, felt a hand on my shoulder, and heard Josh's voice – “Hey Brad, move over so I can sit next to you.” For some reason I did nothing, just pretended I was asleep. Josh poked me harder. I didn't respond.

I heard someone else say “He's passed out man, better get him out of here before he hurls all over the place.”

Josh swore. “How about helping me,” he said, and the next thing I knew there were hands all over me, and I was being carried out of the room and down the hall to our room. I got an erection almost right away and felt a hand in my crotch, feeling me up pretty good. Another guy had his hand on my ass, probing my crack. I'd have cum if the ride had lasted longer. I sure wanted to know whose hands those were, but I kept my eyes closed and pretended I really was out cold. I felt myself being dumped on a bed, and heard laughing and joking as they left. I heard the door close.

I was about to get up and turn on the light when I heard someone in the room. Then the bed shook and I heard Josh's voice. “Hey Brad, wake up.” He shook me gently. I remained motionless. He shook me again. “Fuck, man, you never get drunk.” I was about to leap up and grab him and wrestle him to submission when I heard him say, “Maybe I'd better undress you.” I couldn't believe he meant it, but I decided to wait and see. The next thing I knew he was taking my shoes off. I was lying across the bed, with my feet hanging off the side, so that was easy.

Once Josh had my shoes off he moved up onto the bed next to me. I felt him start to unbutton my shirt. One voice inside me was saying I should let him know I was just fooling around, but another was saying wait and see how far he'll go. Slowly my buddy unbuttoned my shirt and spread it apart, baring my pecs and abs. Then nothing for what seemed a long time, except the sound of Josh breathing hard, like he'd been running.

“Shit man, you're faking it,” Josh said. “Let's find out.”
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Poster Thread
Posted: 2010/2/9 9:54  Updated: 2010/2/9 9:54
Joined: 2010/2/9
Posts: 3
 amazing story
one of my fav stories on the site!
Posted: 2009/11/25 1:20  Updated: 2009/11/25 1:20
Joined: 2008/6/1
Posts: 15
 love it
hot story. would love to 'fake it' and have it taken from me
Posted: 2008/7/27 11:31  Updated: 2008/7/27 11:31
Joined: 2008/7/15
From: Louisiana
Posts: 10
that was the hottest story ever written on this site, please continue it
Posted: 2008/7/11 9:01  Updated: 2008/7/11 9:01
Joined: 2008/1/23
From: Australia
Posts: 17
 Re: Hot!
Luv_2_Read_All is right, I think you should have a go at a next installment . I am so going to try this one day.
Posted: 2008/7/8 23:10  Updated: 2008/7/8 23:10
Joined: 2008/5/10
From: Bullhead City, AZ
Posts: 10
 Re: So not fair!
What can I say, its hot! Plus a lot of people like stories that involve "ta king advantage" its rather hot, whether you ask for it or not. LOL.
Posted: 2008/7/8 22:25  Updated: 2008/7/8 22:25
Joined: 2007/5/12
From: Covington, WA
Posts: 30
 So not fair!
This has been out for four days short of two months, and has over 4500 read s!! More than any of mine! Not fair!
Posted: 2008/6/4 18:29  Updated: 2008/6/4 18:29
Joined: 2008/5/3
Posts: 12
you shouldwrite a next installment to th is story so we can see what happen s when the guy finds out. great story keep on writing!!!
Posted: 2008/5/28 0:21  Updated: 2008/5/28 0:21
Joined: 2008/5/10
From: Bullhead City, AZ
Posts: 10
 Re: nice story
nice, if thats ur pic wouldn't mind having you as my roomie, haha!
Posted: 2008/5/23 7:09  Updated: 2008/5/23 7:09
Joined: 2008/1/23
From: Australia
Posts: 17
I love this story. By far one of my favourites on this site. So hot!
Posted: 2008/5/15 10:39  Updated: 2008/5/15 10:39
Joined: 2008/4/26
Posts: 104
 nice story
would love to have someone as a roommate like that... hot!