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First Time: Are You Nervous? (1/3) 
 46 votes
Author: southernlad  Published: 5/18/2010  story views: 16402

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The story of my first experience with another man is about as clichéd as they come, but it’s what really happened and I need to share it with someone. It all started with a camping trip.


It was a few years ago, I was your typical eighteen year-old; last year of high-school, into sports, pretty girlfriend and had never considered anything sexual with another man. A friend and I during the week decided that for the weekend we’d head up into the hills by a nearby lake and camp, relax and go fishing. Friday rolled around and we packed the car up and started the short drive out of town. Halfway there my friend, Matt, started joking about how he was going to struggle with a weekend without his girlfriend’s sexual prowess. To me it sounded like he was talking shit, so I joked along and told him that if he found himself really desperate we could always play gay chicken. He proceeded to tell me it would be pointless and that there was no way he’d lose to me. I told him that I’d rather have his cock in my mouth than lose a game of anything to him. He laughed it off and told me that time would tell.


I’d been friends with Matt for years, which had always seemed to have its benefits as he was notorious for attracting a decent following of attractive females due to his good looks and way with words. Matt was a good few inches taller than me at 6’4 and was in great shape, due to his love of rock climbing. I caught myself absent-mindedly admiring his figure that afternoon by the lake as he lay on the rocks after a quick swim in the cold lake water. The water glistened on his well-defined abs and chest and I could understand the constant stream of girls he always had near him.


That night after hanging around the campfire and casting a few lines we called it a night and retreated to the tent. It was summertime so we both lay on top of our sleeping bags as we indulged in typical teenage boasting and tall-tale telling before I started getting sleepy. I was nearly dozing off in the pitch-black when I heard Matt rustle quickly off his stretcher and then go quiet. All of a sudden I felt a warm hand on my exposed knee and heard Matt breathe in the darkness “Are you nervous?”

My heart was racing and I lay there still and terrified. He was playing gay chicken.

“No” I whispered back, determined not to lose.


His hand crept up a couple of centimetres and the same question came again. My pulse quickened and embarrassingly I could feel my cock starting to harden beneath my briefs. I didn’t know what was happening but the presence of his hand on my thigh was turning me on. His hand rose again and was almost resting on the now taut material of my boxers. I was torn. Now very turned on I wanted his hand to keep climbing but at the same time I was paralyzed with fear as I’d

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Poster Thread
Posted: 2010/9/21 23:53  Updated: 2010/9/21 23:53
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 Re: Hot!!!!
Oh yeah, I'll get on that
Posted: 2010/5/25 11:32  Updated: 2010/5/25 11:32
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I'd love for you to write the rest of the storie!