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First Time: Anal Therapy with Robin (3/3) 
 22 votes
Author: alexcarr  Published: 9/24/2009  story views: 5196

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but very stimulating exploring suck. I then I did the same with him, we moved to a sixty nine position and I showed him how, and anyway I wanted a taste if cock again to finally set the mood for that virgin fuck, imagining that tight un-fucked anus just waiting for initiation, we wallowed in out mutual oral pleasures awhile, I was so very hard and stiff, I felt him squeeze me tighter as if urging me to fuck him then, I wanted to take him rough, by God I did, but knew if I took him hard I may split him and put him off for ever.

At last the time had come and there I was, my cock lodged behind him, ready for planting its seed deep up into him. I gave him a handkerchief, told him to bite on it until the first part was done. He took the hint and I sensed he was holding his breath waiting for my fuck. He didn’t have to wait long, I massaged some more lube into him, it was slippery now, I gently pushed and pushed, attempting to gain entry, moving in different ways to get it into him, he was so very tight but I was like a bullet, gradually thrusting deeper and deeper, he was yelling, I said should I stop, try again later. He replied just to stop a moment and then try again.. All this made for a certain thrill I cannot explain, a thrill that could never quite be repeated because from hereon he would no longer be a virgin.

After a pause in which I wanked him off, his hot cream spurting into my hand, all the better for more lubrication I massaged it into my cock, it’s head still planted neatly into its hole and it seemed to do the trick because, suddenly it was as if his anus lamented, it seemed to swallow my length deep and fully inside as Robin gave out a gasp of relief, now we were truly an item and that first fuck was the start of so very many.

Now, back to the present I watch him move it for me, it is simply lovely and adorable, sometimes I love him in a skirt, him crouching over my face, thighs apart tantalising me as I lift my head and try to reach his anus with the tip of my tongue, it is so very erotic and wonderful, with just the garnish of his cock juice to get me in the mood , other times I cover him with squirty cream, all underneath and have a party licking and sucking him all up.

Then the ultimate… “Fuck me, baby, fuck me” Robin pleads with me and his ass comes down over me, my face wedged between as I suck him crazy, the taste of cock and ass combined so wonderful, and then the deep fuck as it now slips so readily inside, him over me, planting my length into him as he moved his hips over me,, feeling him pound me, taking it full length , the whole works. Until I cum so strong inside.

Our anal therapy complete and we are both truly gratified - until the next time that is…






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