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First Time: Anal Therapy with Robin (1/3) 
 22 votes
Author: alexcarr  Published: 9/24/2009  story views: 5194

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Anal Therapy with Robin. © Alex Carr 2009

Making love with Robin was like an overture, a musical treat which started with a mere whisper developing into a magnificent finale. Like with all the guns firing in the 1812 overture. And as we settled down to enjoy our loving, Robin delightfully spread eagled on all fours over the duvet cover, presenting himself fully for my full exploration, our wonderful sharing of anal therapy as, the lights turned low, I smothered my face into his hind, running my hand delicately through and back to feel the fullness of his balls, the slight wiggle he made. Then running my fingers up and between the so sensitive tissue between his glowing balls and tantalising anus, which was gently moving as my tongue found its delight.

I loved him so very much, taking time to savour him, to taste and suckle him, to kiss very slowly every part of him there as he bent more sharply, raising his gorgeous hind higher for my pleasure.

“Remember the first time we did this, Robin?” I whispered, extending my tongue to fully lick his ass. “And you were so very shy.”

Robin grunted, enjoying the moment, but eventually responding it was the best thing that had happened to him after a treacherous affair with a mature woman, to who he was merely toy boy and nothing more.

“I remember,” I returned, but it was all a lesson of life - and then you found me, or rather I found you, I always fancied you, you know that now. I had fantasies about undressing you and taking you.”

But Robin was away now, enjoying my spoiling, and I was happy with that, but I let my mind slip into the past, just two years before, the first time I was with Robin….

We grew to be good pals, talked about a camping holiday, just him and me.

“Would you like that?” I asked him

“Just the two of us in a tent yes? We’d need sleeping bags and the full camping gear” he replied

“Sleeping bag as in singular,“ I corrected. “A double sleeper - warmer that way!”

Up until that time we had been merely friends, nothing else but now, perhaps now, Robin was getting the message.

He looked at me carefully, pausing and obviously thinking.

“Penny for them?” I asked.

“Nothing really, it’s just I have never actually slept with a guy before, a bit of a surprise that’s all, Pete.”

I backed off a bit, didn’t want to spoil our friendship, no way, although I ached for him, perhaps it was better to take it more slowly, not to be so deliberate.

“If you’d rather not then,” I suggested instead, “ we can take two sleeping beds and mattresses.”

After some more thought he lifted his eyes to meet mine. His expression had changed, his face seemed to lighten up as he eventually replied that yes, he would like for us to share.

In my mind I yelled Whoopee! we have take -off and from then until we drove off to our camping park in Devon I just longed for the day to come.

And then the first night, Robin so very coy and shy. “In my pyjamas?” he asked. I immediately said we’d be warm enough without them and I snuggled behind him warming our bodies and at last relished the feel of him against me, should I take the risk of moving on, just letting nature take it’s course? Then…. Very quietly: “Will it hurt first time, Pete?, have never done this before.” that was the Okay then, that is what he expected, we hadn’t talked about it much since

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