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First Time: 1st Time. Make it happen! (1/10) 
 65 votes
Author: awsmithnyc  Published: 4/27/2010  story views: 30043

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I didn’t ‘discover’ myself in terms of gay tendencies until just a year ago. I had just turned 41 and my life was perfectly fine. I was happily married and well employed. Like many men I expect, I had thought from time to time about what it would be like to be with another guy sexually, but I had never given much thought to pursuing it. I was happy in my life and I really want expecting to discover more.

I work for a very large company and travel often, but usually for just a day or so. However about a year ago I was asked to go to a conference overseas and I jumped at the chance. It was a full week away from the office and the agenda looked to have lots of free time. The only downside was that the company would not send my wife with me, and we had just purchased a home so we did not have the extra money to have her come with me at our expense. But it was only a week, so she didn’t really complain about it and I didn’t tell her about the free time, and made it out to be a trip filled with business meetings and such.

In the days before the conference, I began searching the internet for things to do and ideas about what to visit and see while I was there. I visited site after site, taking notes and printing out pieces that I thought interesting. In no time I had a nice neat file filled with possibilities.

On one site I visited, there was an interesting article about saving money and seeing sites at a discount. It recommended that visitors search Craigslist and look for short term rentals, discounted rooms and similar bargains. I had heard of Craigslist, but never really considered it, so I typed it in and began to search around for bargains. In a few minutes I had replied to a few offers for rooms in private homes or vacation rentals which seemed to be quite reasonable considering the high hotel room costs. I was hopeful that I might be able to save a bunch on the room and put that extra windfall to use for a nice present to make up for my absence.

While I was searching Craigslist, I noticed a link for casual encounters, in the personals section. Without thinking much about it, I hit the link and then clicked on the M4M (Man for Man) section. I guess I was just curious, but maybe in the recesses of my mind I was thinking that I might try something that I had never really considered before. A whole list of ads popped up, some with very provocative titles. I have to be honest when I say I was a little taken aback by some, although I could feel my heart racing at the potentials.

I clicked on a few of them and read through the ads. It didn’t take me long to figure out what some of the shortcuts meant – DD Free, HWP, etc., these ads had their own language and community of users it seemed and I was intrigued. After about 30 minutes of searching, clicking and reading, I was able to quickly size-up what the poster wanted by the ad’s title. Some had photos attached, which were in many cases very explicit, and which I noticed caused my heart to race and my cock to swell just a bit.

After reading

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Poster Thread
Posted: 2012/12/18 1:30  Updated: 2012/12/18 1:30
Joined: 2012/12/4
Posts: 1
this id the hotest thing i have read in years. write work
Posted: 2011/11/13 11:05  Updated: 2011/11/13 11:05
Joined: 2011/11/13
Posts: 1
 1st Time. Make it happen!
Great Story - really happen or was it fiction? Been wanting to have a similar encounter. Thanks
Posted: 2011/6/27 0:37  Updated: 2011/6/27 0:37
Joined: 2011/6/27
Posts: 1
 Love the story
So how do I contact you/
Posted: 2010/5/5 11:30  Updated: 2010/5/5 11:30
Joined: 2010/1/11
From: Texas
Posts: 3
 great story
Hope this is not your only story here. Enjoyed the story and well written. Thanks