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First Time: My School Counselor (1/5) 
 200 votes
Author: kenwitty  Published: 12/8/2008  story views: 85908

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This was an experience that I experienced during my younger years. I was a young man, still virgin to any sort of sexual activity, except stroking off my own cock whenever the need arose.

I was eighteen, matured and yet not really fully understanding what was going on in my body and mind. I had been having rather different feelings inside, feelings that I didn't understand. I would get around my buddies at school and laugh and cut up and brag about my sexual conquests with the girls. You know the regular teenage bullshit, but never fully understanding why. I had never really truthfully done any of those things myself. I didn't have any of those feelings or desires. When I got in the locker room during sports practice or physical education classes, and saw all my buddies dressing out, bare ass naked, seeing their gorgeous asses in their jock straps and then being in the showers with them. I would get so sexually aroused. My desires were flaring up and doing crazy things inside me. Man I felt like I was hooked up backwards or something. I was starting to get really depressed and upset by this feeling that I wasn't normal, but to me what was normal. I didn't understand and I had no control over it.

After about six months of feeling frustrated about the fact that my sexual desires were leaning towards guys and not toward the girls, I finally decided that I would go to see the high school senior counselor, Mr. Harold Jamison. |

Now Mr. Jamison was a very well educated man, with a side degree in psychological counseling and he was a very good-looking young man of about twenty-six to thirty years old. He was so friggen handsome that I would have loved to gotten it on with him. I got to his office at the appointed time after school. Classes were over that day. Mr. Jamison just smiled a beautiful smile and said, “Come on in and have a seat here,”

"Thank you sir."

“Just call me Harold,” he said.

Mr. Jamison was so darned nice, the more I talked to him the more turned on I was getting. When I started describing my sexual problem to him I noticed how much more he got interested in hearing about me and the personal things that were bothering me. He asked me if I had ever had sex with a guy or man before. I noticed he was asking me specifics about anal sex, oral sex, giving or receiving and just about everything there is to ask about man on man sex. It seemed like he knew what he was asking from experience or something, I said, "Not yet, but I want to soon, is that wrong?"

He said, "I personally don't feel that there is really anything wrong with you, that’s just the way you are, Ken. Some men are just hooked up that way."

I noticed he was leaning back with his hand down on his crotch and I noticed his cock was rather swollen under the material of his trousers, damn it looked so long and thick.

Mr. Jamison noticed me staring at his crotch and he started to gently massage it with his right hand, my cock was doing a handstand in my briefs and I was feeling the pre-cum leaking making a wet spot on my jeans material.

Mr. Jamison
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Poster Thread
Posted: 2011/1/9 1:14  Updated: 2011/1/9 1:14
Joined: 2011/1/9
Posts: 1
 got me hard
damn! hot story got me hard!
Posted: 2010/7/8 4:36  Updated: 2010/7/8 4:36
Joined: 2010/4/18
From: Yakima,
Posts: 25
I had the same thing happen to me in my Junior Year of High school, but I a lready knew that I liked guys better then girls. Thank You very much for br inging back wonderful memories!!
Posted: 2010/3/17 12:00  Updated: 2010/3/17 12:00
Joined: 2010/3/17
Posts: 1
this story had my cock hard and if it was longer i would have been enjeclat ing i wish I could have this kind of a relationship with my Principle this way
Posted: 2010/2/26 16:25  Updated: 2010/2/26 16:25
Joined: 2010/2/24
From: Central Texas
Posts: 27
 First times
First times are always the best times. Thank you for sharing and now I am g oing to the bathroom to yank one off while thinking of you and Mr. Jamison.
Posted: 2010/2/14 2:39  Updated: 2010/2/14 2:39
Joined: 2010/2/14
Posts: 3
Great story
Posted: 2010/1/3 0:45  Updated: 2010/1/3 0:45
Joined: 2010/1/2
From: sydney
Posts: 1
 good one
Almost made me come
Posted: 2009/5/5 0:30  Updated: 2009/5/5 0:30
Joined: 2008/4/26
Posts: 104
nice story! it really made me hard.