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Fetish: Underwear Encounter (1/6) 
 61 votes
Author: briefsd2999  Published: 6/15/2010  story views: 57463

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Underwear Encounter

This is a true story. I have had a major underwear fetish since I was a boy, and I love to masturbate in my underpants, rubbing my penis through the soft cotton and watching myself in a mirror. I get aroused just looking at men's underwear, and even more turned on watching other guys in their undies. I like all types of underwear, but especially traditional white briefs. The sight of a hot guy in a pair of tighty whities always gives me an erection, especially if they fit snugly over his butt and have a nice bulge in the front. I have stolen other guys briefs several times, and like to rub them over my face as I play with myself, or parade around my bedroom wearing them and jacking off in them. I am bi but until recently had never had any real sexual experiences with another man, though I fantasized a lot about playing with another guy in our briefs.

Recently I was away on a business trip, staying in a hotel for a week. I decided to try to find a buddy who shared my underwear fetish, and set up a hot encounter in my hotel room. I put an ad in Craigslist, with a picture of me in my underwear, and got several responses. The best was from another bi guy called Dave, who lived locally. He sent me a picture of him in his underwear, he was about my age, and looked really hot in a pair of white Fruit of The Loom briefs He told me that he had also had an underwear fetish since he was young, but like me he had little experience with other men and had never played in underwear with another guy. We arranged for him to come up to my hotel room the next evening.

I was nervous before he arrived. I showered and put on a pair of my favorite white Calvin Klein briefs, then dressed casually in jeans and a T-shirt. I spread half a dozen different pairs of my underwear over the desk and put a rotating slide show of hot guys in underwear on my laptop. Then I paced the room, waiting for him to arrive. I had a slight woody in my pants in anticipation, but I had butterflies in my stomach too.

Dave was late. He sent me a last minute message saying that he was held up at work, and was it OK if he came straight from there? He would have no time to go home and shower and change first. Of course I said OK.  When he finally arrived I was surprised and delighted to find that he was wearing a UPS driver's uniform! He looked so hot in his dark brown uniform with a big leather belt and big work boots. He removed his boots and went straight over to examine my underwear collection on the desk. It was hot watching him handle my underpants, examining them carefully. He had a bulge in the front of his brown uniform pants already, I was getting hard too. He rubbed some of my underpants on his face, and told me which ones he liked best. Next we watched my slide show together, commenting on the pictures we liked most. He reached out and fondled me through the front of my jeans while we watched the slide show and I groped him through his uniform, feeling his cock get really hard in his pants. He smiled, then stepped closer, leant forward and kissed me lightly on the lips. I had never

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Poster Thread
Posted: 2011/12/25 1:10  Updated: 2011/12/25 1:10
Joined: 2011/12/17
Posts: 3
 Hot, man.
Hey, man -- as another guy with an underwear fetish -- please let me congratulate you -- ! I loved the story -- and especially loved that they never removed their briefs -- and that they shot their cum inside the briefs -- (both inside one pair -- ! So hot!) write some more, man -- we underwear fetishists are sorely under-represented -- !!
Posted: 2010/6/30 1:15  Updated: 2010/6/30 1:15
Joined: 2009/12/31
Posts: 3
that was amazing,great detail on htecock descriptions and so hot leading to the orgasms. GREAT JOB!!