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Fetish: The Fat Boy/Belly Man (1/3) 
 12 votes
Author: ToryDonahue  Published: 12/6/2007  story views: 7834

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I rammed my prick up his hard ass. I thrust and pushed with all my force. My big, fat belly slapped against his tight, hard buttocks. My smallish prick did the best it could, and from the noises Jack was making, it wasn't too bad.

"Slam that fat fucking belly into me you big cocksucker!"

Jack loved to talk dirty, and so I put even more effort into screwing his hole. A half hour ago it had been Jack with his much bigger cock pounding my ass. He loved to reach around, fondle my stomach, and squeeze my rolls of fat and pendulous tits. I had no idea why, for I found them unattractive as hell, I liked muscle, but there you are. He had shot a huge load up me and before I fucked him, I had to run to the bathroom. I gripped his muscular legs and, with a grunt, shot my load into him. God, how I loved the fact that this statue of a man loved to have sex with me. How my world had changed.

Afterwards, as we lay together, he fondled my fat tits, and sucked on my long, hard nipples like he would a woman's. I fell asleep that way. When I woke in the morning, he was gone. And as I lay in bed, wondering about my life, I remembered. When I had been younger, it seemed clear to me that as I was fat I would never get the hot girls. Frankly, I didn't care. My sexual world was solitary, but fun. I had always had tits, and as I grew older, into my teens, they had seemed to grow with me. My nipples capped them, like a woman's, large areola and very prominent, thick nipples. They were a serious erogenous zone for me. If my nipples got hard, my cock got hard. My cock wasn't overwhelming, in fact it was and is on the small side, not quite six inches. My balls were small, and when I had a hard on would crawl right up under my dick stalk so it looked as if I had no balls at all. But I was horny all the time, jerked off all the time, and loved penetrating my ass with anything that could go up me.

College, at least the first two years, was terrible for me as I lived in a dorm and my solitary sex life just didn't work out. But I was good in school, mostly, I suspected, because I had no social life. My third year, I got an apartment, which was infinitely better than the dorm. It was in this apartment the manager of the local grocery store raped me, or he thought he raped me. I frequented this store and had noticed him. We had talked, he was a big, burly man in his forties, strong, hairy. He had taken to delivering my groceries to me. At first, I had no idea why. But, the third or fourth time he did, he made some crude comments, sexual comments, and I began to understand. But that just excited me, he excited me.

I was 21, and pretty much hairless. I have often wondered if I have a lot of female DNA but never really cared enough to find out. The time he raped me, I could smell alcohol on him when he came to my apartment. I was wearing a pair of gym shorts and a shirt, which was kinda tight and showed my rolls and tits.
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