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Fetish: Strangers (1/2) 
 8 votes
Author: VergaRaw  Published: 10/19/2005  story views: 6581

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The seedy bar presented no possibilities for romance, yet I came night after night. One might wonder why? It was simple; I came here for sex. All I wanted from a place like this was hardcore, nasty, man on man sex. I didn’t need names. All I cared about was how hung they were and did they require a condom, which I preferred they didn’t.

I walked in and greeted the bartender, the only guy whose name I did know. I took my usual seat at the end of the bar, ordered a Heineken, and watched the action on the dance floor. Not much to go for, I thought, just a few bears and their latest boy toys, nothing to get hard about. I was finished with my third beer when I decided to call it a night. After canceling out my tab, I started to head for the door when the sight of a big hairy muscled bear stopped me. I sat back down and waited to see if he was alone or with someone, not that it really mattered. He would be mine soon enough.

He walked up to the bartender, ordered a Heineken and took a seat. He paid no attention to the guys drooling over him. I waited for a while until my cock was pressed tight against my jeans, a clear sign that it was time for me to make my move. I stood next to him and cleared my throat. He looked straight ahead and continued to drink his beer, not one to be ignored I reached between his legs and gave his crotch a good squeeze.

He moved back and gave me a side-glance. I left my hand on his crotch as he turned around to face me; he spread his legs giving me a better grasp on his growing erection. I massaged it through his jeans, working on the head of his cock, creating a wet spot where his pre cum had seeped through.

Without saying a word he stood up, towering over me as he walked away and motioned for me to follow. He took me to the side of the building, down to the dark alley, a familiar scene for me. I couldn’t even count how many assholes I’d plugged here. He kept walking until we hit the end of the alley. With one motion, he unzipped his jeans and his fat cock fell out. I dropped to my knees and he gave me no choice but to deep throat him.

He shoved his cock in and out of my mouth, fucking my face with full force. I struggled to take him, at first choking on his girth, but soon I was enjoying his deep long thrusts. My lips wrapped tightly around his shaft squeezing him as he pulled out, easing up as he went in. His big hands wrapped around the back of my head, each time shoving his cock deeper and deeper inside of me. This went on forever, long enough for my jaw to lock. Sore, I tried to pull off, but he continued to feed me his cock.

I began to feel lightheaded from all the intensity, but I continued to suck. I wanted him to cum in my mouth. I wanted to taste his nasty seed. He pushed off me with such force that I fell back onto the concrete. He walked up to me, his crotch looming above my face. With his massive legs he pinned me to the ground, making it impossible for me to move.

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