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Fetish: My High School Gym Teacher (1/2) 
 38 votes
Author: hornyguy18  Published: 8/23/2007  story views: 20200

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From the first time I laid eyes on him my senior year of high school I couldn't get my mind of him. Lets say his name was Pete. Pete was about 5'11 with an athletic built body, (not overly built but built to were you could see every muscle in his body was well toned). He had black hair and blue eyes with an amazing off crooked smile. Pete also had hairy legs and arms with a 5 o’clock shadow.

I was lucky and got him as my gym teacher for the school year. Pete was 25 years old. Some days I would get so turned on in the middle of gym class looking at his hairy legs, imaging what his cock looked like and if his ass was hairy. It was so bad that I would have to hide my hard on by pulling it up through the waistband of my shorts. Needless to say I jerked off almost every night to thoughts of sucking my gym teacher off and exploring his whole body with my tongue after one of the workouts he did everyday in the school weight room.

One day I walked into the locker room to get changed for gym and had just missed him getting out of the shower (from his work out he just had during his prep period). I saw him standing there in his black boxer briefs that fit him so well, with a nice bulge that I couldn’t take my eyes off of. I graduated that year disappointed that I would never see the man that I jerked off to for so long naked, or again.

Two years later I was 21 and home from college for the summer. One afternoon there was a little marathon in a couple of towns away that I went to run in. While I was running I ran into Pete, looking better than ever, all sweaty. I got a semi just looking at him.

I said, " Hey long time no see."

“Hey,” he replied.

Well we wound up finishing the run together and then walked to a bar were Pete said he would buy me a drink. It was about 5:30 p.m. One drink lead to another and another ‘til it was 11:45. I was trashed but Pete was good. He was like a tank. If I remembered correctly he did like 15 shots that night with about 20 or so beers. I was far to drunk to drive and Pete said his place was right down the street, we could just walk there and I could crash there for the night.

When we got to his apartment Pete took off his shirt and shorts. He then told me his AC was broken so to make myself comfortable. He didn’t care how since we were both guys. I kept my clothes on in fear that I might just pop one looking at his sweat glistening body. He had nice hairy legs that definitely went to his ass and he had a nice happy trail with little chest hair. His armpit hair was thick but not the long nasty kind the short thick bushier kind that looks really hot on a guy.

We sat down and turned on the TV. I awoke about one hour later to see the TV still on and Pete passed out on the couch with one arm folded over his eye and the other lying across his stomach. Pete also had somewhat of a hard on
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