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Fetish: How I Became A Toilet Slave (3/3) 
 9 votes
Author: subone70  Published: 3/23/2010  story views: 20194

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also bear-types like Daddy although both were a bit taller and heavier.  They came out of the bathroom and each grabbed one of my arms and forced me to my knees.  Daddy then approached me from the front and jammed his flaccid cock into my mouth and told me to not lose a drop or I would be hurt.  At first, I did not know what he meant but soon found out.  Daddy proceeded to piss into my mouth.  I was revolted and disgusted and scared and wanted to leave.  I could not leave.  I had no clothes.   I had no car keys.  I was a long way from home.  I had two bears much larger than me holding me in place on my knees with Daddy pissing into my mouth.  I tried to do what I was told and not spill.  Daddy's piss was disgusting, tasting bitter and acidic.  I had never tasted piss before, not even my own.  It was salty nad horrible tasting.  I felt I would gag and throw up.  I tried not to lose a drop as ordered and did a pretty good job, only a small amount of dribble coming from the corners of my mouth.

After Daddy pissed into my mouth, each of the other bears took their turns pissing into me.  I pulled and resisted a bit, but it was no use,  I could not get away and was forced to be  a human urinal fo these three bears.

After they were done pissing, I was let go and collapsed onto the floor of the apartment.  I was then pulled into the bathroom and placed on the floor on my back.  While being held down by two of the bears, each one in turn, starting with Daddy, squatted over my face and shit on me.  I was told to open my mouth and keep it open which I tried to do.  I was told to swallow all of their shit.  I was not very successful and I ended up with shit in my mouth and all over my face and chest. I did swallw what I could out of fear what might happen to me if I did not obey.

This was so disgusting and a terrible experience.  I hated it.  I hated the taste of piss and shit.  But again, while hating it, I began to enjoy it too.  I enjoyed the humiliation.  It turned me on.  I was discovering that I was not  the normal person I thought I was but rather a human toilet.  I was used as a urinal.  I was used as a toilet for shit.  I was totally aroused by it.  While being shit on and in, I realized that I had a hard on, bigger and harder than I could ever imagine having before.

After being pissed into and shit into, the closet was unlocked and I was given back my clothes and told to dress and leave.  I again did what I was told.  As I opened the door and stepped out of the apartment, Daddy said to me: "Be back here tomorrow at the same time, you are now our toilet."  Daddy was right, I was their human toilet.  I would return for more use.  "Yes, Daddy," I said.

I walked to my car, brown shit still on my face and in my hair and a shitting grin on my face.  I had a calm realization that I finally found out what I was:  a piss drinking, shit eating, cum swallowing bitch-whore.  I am content.

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Poster Thread
Posted: 2011/8/16 17:11  Updated: 2011/8/16 17:11
Joined: 2011/8/8
From: alabama usa
Posts: 18
 pretty hot
I like it a lot. I have done a little pee games on myself. I pee on myself in the shoer and when i use my vib i shit and i love it
Posted: 2010/3/27 12:13  Updated: 2010/3/27 12:13
Joined: 2010/3/14
Posts: 1
 Re: Interesting
You are right, I was very lucky. Lucky that I found out what I am, sexuall y, but very, very lucky that I was not physically hurt or worse.
Posted: 2010/3/24 9:29  Updated: 2010/3/24 9:29
Joined: 2010/2/24
From: Central Texas
Posts: 27
It is my opinion that you were very lucky, to a point, in this situation. I wouldn't recommend to anyone going into a situation like that sight unseen . There is just too much craziness and I think there is ample evidence that CL attracts some very violent and dangerous characters. I suppose that it is good you found an activity you enjoy and I know many others share this w ith you, but it certainly isn't for me.