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Fantasy: Truth Or Dare. Bedroom Sleepover. (1/6) 
 24 votes
Author: Twinkforsale  Published: 12/21/2009  story views: 10889

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The door creaked as Shaun opened it. He had a pillow and a sleeping bag under one arm, and wore blue jeans with a red shirt. His socks slid on the floor as he glanced at us sitting on Tim's bed. We turned to him as he closed the door behind him. My shirt was off and my sleeping bag already on the floor spread out. Shaun dropped his luggage on the floor where he stood and made his way towards us.

"Hey guys, what's up?" he said, as he sat beside Tim.

"Not much Shaun, just thinking of stuff we can do tonight," Tim said, "So far we have ghost stories, and watching t.v."

"Why not Truth or Dare?" I glanced at Shaun as I said this, and he smiled back at me. Shaun and I weren't unusual to playing Truth or Dare, but it usually lead to us having fun with each other. Last week I slept over at his house and we slept in his tent outside. We had a wild time, from him gagging me to then creampie-ing me.

"Truth or dare sounds fun, let's play that when my parents leave for their party," Tim said, ignoring us. We all were Bi-curious, but I had only fooled around with Shaun before. Tim has mentioned a few times to me about him thinking my body was sexy. I caught him eying me bending over a few times. Tim was quite studly looking himself.

"Well, set up your sleeping bag and then we can wait downstairs for my parents to go." Tim stood up and headed towards the door as we followed. I walked in front of Shaun, and felt a gentle squeeze on my buttcheek as Tim walked out of sight through the door. I turned to see Shaun with a grin on his face, and glanced down to see his hand on my bottom. He took a step closer with his hand still in place.

"I hope you can handle two dicks tonight," he whispered, as he used both hands to grab my bottom now.

He squeezed my bottom. "It might be tight, with both dicks in my ass," I purred as he played with my butt. I began to follow Tim out towards the living room as Shaun followed behind me. He watched my butt until I stopped to pickup something on the floor. Bending at the waist I let my jeans grow tight, my juicy ass being displayed for Shaun. He licked his lips as I turned around to glance at him, still bent over. I made a kissing gesture with my lips, and stood back up. We walked into the living room to see Tim on the couch already.

The car turned right down the street and headed into the distance. My hand let the blinds snap back into place as I turned back around. The T.V. was on, and Tim and Shaun were focused on it. I sat in between them, I was the only one without a shirt on while Tim and Shaun both were still fully clothed. I peered at the clock and noticed it was only 11:30.

"Let's start up that game of Truth or Dare." Tim had the remote in his hand and played with it as the T.V. responded to every button he pressed. Shaun glanced at me and gave me a smile.

"Truth or dare?" he said to me. I paused for a moment and watched

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