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Exhibitionism: Bookstore (1/4) 
 103 votes
Author: JuanS  Published: 8/12/2005  story views: 23387

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Pushing my way through the madness of the crowd, I finally reached my destination. All I wanted was to get my hands on that new mystery novel everyone had been raving about, which I was sure wouldn’t live up to the hype. These things hardly ever did, but so many people had recommended it that I couldn’t resist.

Catching my breath, I entered the store and looked around in total amazement. There were just as many damn people in here as there were out in the mall. Was something going on today that I was not aware about? There were usually never this many people in bookstores. Nevertheless, I’d made it this far; I might as well get what I was after and then go straight home, if for nothing else than to get away from all these people.

I checked new fiction, nothing there. Bestsellers? Nope nothing there either. Like a man possessed, I made my way through the store until I found the spot where the author’s book would be located. They had everything but the book I was after, and according to the pimply faced teen that worked here, they were completely out and wouldn’t get a new shipment until next week. Just great I thought.

Completely aggravated at not finding what I wanted and feeling defeated I made my way towards the door and ran right smack into the broadest chest I’d ever seen.

“Hey slow down buddy, a handsome young man like you should never be in such a rush to leave,” he said in a deep voice.

In spite of myself, I blushed and looked up. “Sorry,” was all I could mutter.

“Are you ok? Did you find everything you were looking for?” and with a smile added, “Is there something I can help you find?”

He had a dazzling smile and although it was completely unlike me I leaned close to him. I proceeded to tell him the book I was after and how there were none left and there wouldn’t be any until next week sometime. The whole time the musky smell of his cologne was causing in me the hardest erection I’d had in a long time, which I awkwardly tried to conceal.

“Oh is that it? That’s only the hottest selling book in the country,” he teased me. “Well as a matter of fact I happen to have hidden a copy in the backroom.” Closer into me he leaned and in my ear added, “If you care to follow me to the backroom, I would be more than happy to give it to you.”

Just having him so close to me was enough to make me cream. Completely intoxicated by him, I nodded my head. “Lead the way.”

Quickly I followed him through the store and into a very large storage room. There were tons of books everywhere, in boxes, in piles on the floor, in shelves, all around.

Once inside and out of everyone’s view he took me by the hand and led me towards the back of the large room until we reached a dark corner where it appeared old magazines came to die.

“Now where did I hide that book? Was it here?” he said kissing my ear. “Or maybe here?” he moved down my neck. “Nope maybe it

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Poster Thread
Posted: 2011/12/28 3:43  Updated: 2011/12/28 3:43
Joined: 2011/12/17
Posts: 3
mmmmmm. Had a great time stroking my dick as I read your hot story.
Posted: 2008/7/2 11:19  Updated: 2008/7/2 11:19
Joined: 2008/5/21
Posts: 1
I Loved your story, It made me Very Hot and Hard. Larry
Posted: 2007/11/12 9:54  Updated: 2007/11/12 9:54
Joined: 2007/10/7
From: Florida
Posts: 12
I work in a bookstore and wish my gay asst manager fucked me. your story w as terrific! Davidg
Posted: 2007/9/20 2:46  Updated: 2007/9/20 2:46
Joined: 2007/9/19
Posts: 16
i want to read your "book" ! thanks