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College: The Locker Room (1/3) 
 27 votes
Author: theloneranger  Published: 3/18/2009  story views: 12086

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James was sitting in class when a phone call came in asking him to go to the boy’s locker room to talk to the P.E. teacher. James had not been in school for even a week and he was already in trouble with his teacher. The only good thing about school was that every girl wanted to sleep with him, which covered up the fact that he was gay.

At 5’10” James was the kind of guy who could take off his shirt and make every gay guy in the area cum. James was barely eighteen and it already seemed that he had spent half his life at the gym. He had one of the tightest asses ever seen by the eyes of man, perfectly cut and shaped. His arms and chest were like Adonis, and, with the amount of sex he’s had in his life, had the legs of a god.

When James got to the locker room it was completely empty except for a light in the office at the end of the hall. While he was walking down the hall, James had the feeling that he was being watched. The rows were dark and he couldn’t really see down them. He called down them but no one called back. At unease by the situation, James continued to the office where he found the coach watching a porno.

Coach Fuller was sitting back masturbating to a cop who was jamming his Billy club into the suspect’s ass while he was screaming for the cop to keep on going. James was amazed at how horny the coach was.

“Excuse me, you wanted to see me?” James blurted out as the cop came on the other guy’s back.

“Oh crap.” The coach was horrified and quickly put his huge nine-inch dick into his shorts. “Oh yeah, just forget what you saw here. I just wanted to let you know that you’re failing P.E. and you need to work after school to make it up.” He stood up and turned off the movie. “But I can help you make that process easy.” He began to put his hand on James’ shoulder. “You know what I mean.”

James understood what he was saying but then he asked,” Why am I failing again?”

Fuller stood up and said, “I have felt that you weren’t performing at your best level.”

The coach began to run his hand down James shirt, taking extra care to caress James’ nipple. James was so overcome with pleasure that he forgot not to smile. Coach Fuller saw this and began to come closer to James and began to tickle his ear.

“But coach, we shouldn’t be doing this,” James said with a smile on his face.

“Well, how old are you?”


“Then, what’s the problem?”

“Absolutely nothing.”

Coach Fuller began to put his hand under James’s shirt and felt the definition of all eight of his abs. James began to silently moan and James wrapped his arm around the coach’s ass. As coach Fuller began to move closer to James, the water polo coach walked in on the horny pair.
Coach Andrews was shocked at the fact that James would have sex with Fuller, who was the oldest coach at school, but personally understood how sex with Fuller was.

Andrew blurted out, “So Steve, found a new favorite student?”

Steve looked up smiled and asked, “Do you want in, Dave, or do I have him all to myself?”
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