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College: Holiday Break (2/3) 
 32 votes
Author: cristof  Published: 1/19/2007  story views: 8249

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front desk, about 35 y o. but very well built, very handsome. We checked in and asked about a place for dinner on the holiday and he wrote down a couple of places we might call for reservations. We went to our room, it was a small hotel with outside entrances to the rooms but the room was actually two rooms with a fireplace. Both of us were tired and decided to retire early. As we were still checking the room out we heard a knock at the door. It was the guy that checked us in, he just wanted to know if we found a place for dinner tomorrow. We told he we had and he gave us directions on how to get there. Then he told us his name was Jeff if we needed anything just ask for him.

The next morning we woke early. There wasn’t much to do, so we just lay in bed holding each other. Kissing. I rolled Brad over on his stomach and I got over him. I started giving him a full body massage. Starting at the neck working my way down. Kissing each part of the body as I massaged it. Down his strong back to those hot buns of his, kissing them, giving them some extra attention. After I finished that side I rolled him over and started my way up. Ending up with his arms wrapped around me and us kissing each other deeply. I moved to the side of him, my tongue working its way back down his body. When I got to his hips, I spread his legs apart my head between them. My tongue headed for that open hole slowly sliding into it, licking his sweet manjuices, driving my tongue deeper into him. Both of our cocks were rock hard. I had to slap his hand to keep him from jacking himself.

I pulled my body up, lifted his legs pushed his knees to his shoulders. I slid my cock into that hot wet hole of his, gently at first then thrusting myself all the way in. I stopped to let him get used to me leaned my head forward and kissed him while I started gently rocking my cock in/out his hole. I started thrusting harder deeper into him. After some time my balls started to churn my load of hot cum getting ready to shoot. I slowed up a bit wanting to extend the pleasure of fucking his hot ass. Then I started pounding his hot ass harder deeper, pulling my cock all the way out then plunging it back in all the way. When I came I shot what would feel like gallons of cum in his hole. After I finished Brad told me to get up stand by the bed. I did as told and he got up also. He picked me up I wrapped my legs around his body he slid me down onto his cock. He started thrusting his cock deep up my ass, my cock now hard again was rubbing against his chest.

We were kissing. He was driving harder and harder into my ass, I was wanting him so bad. Ohhhhhhhh yeah fuck man. I felt his body shudder as he shots a hot load into me and my cock unloads all over his chest. Then he turns around still holding me lies me on the bed with his cock still in me and starts pounding my ass again. Fuck man. I just can’t describe how it felt to have his cock
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