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College: Holiday Break (1/3) 
 32 votes
Author: cristof  Published: 1/19/2007  story views: 8245

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My roomie/bf and I both live a long distance from our college. When the Thanksgiving holiday break came up we decided to stay here instead of going home. After we got caught up on our studies we decided to head over to Vermont for the remainder of the break. On Wednesday we loaded into my silver/black mustang convertible, no books, no notepads just a few essentials and head out.
As the town was disappearing behind us Brad's hand slid over to my leg started gently rubbing my right leg, then worked his way down toward my crouch. Before long he had my jeans unbuttoned my calvins down and his head between my legs. His tongue was licking my cock, balls while he had his hands under my sweater working my nips. Now let me tell u dudes it was fucking hard to concentrate on driving while this was going on. He lifted his head over my cock taking all of me in his mouth, I was moaning sooo and he was doing the same. He worked a finger under me getting it into my asshole. He had the rhythm going finger fucking my hole while his mouth stroked my cock.

Dusk was falling as we drove through a couple of small towns with all this going on in the car. After several miles I was really close to blowing my load. I spotted a turnoff at an abandoned business and pulled over just about the time my load shot. He sucked all my hot jizz down his throat stated to lift his head but I took my hand and held his head down while I thrust my hips up/down fucking his mouth. Before long another load of my hot sweet jizz was shooting down his throat. After a few minutes I got my calvins and levis back up and we headed down the road.
After a few miles we crossed into Vermont at White River Junction. We spotted a small restaurant pulled in and got something to eat. When we came out we spotted a convenience store down the street and decided with the holiday tomorrow we had better stock up on a few provisions and top the mustang off. When we got back to the car Brad said hey Jamie give me the keys I want to drive, I knew exactly what he wanted. After we left town I bent over unbuttoned his jeans my head down between his legs. Lickin’ those big balls of his, mmmmmmmmmm the smell of his sex, the warm leather seat, made me so fucking horny again.

I placed my lips over the head of his cock my tongue flickin’ over the tip of it. One hand under his shirt I was pinching his nipples. I started to slide my lips down his hard 9" shaft. My tongue circling it as I went down. He was deeply moaning. twisting my head over his hard cock. up/down. squeezing his balls with one hand. enjoying his big cock in my mouth. Mmmmmmmmmm yeah, dudes, I felt him get ready to climax. I drove my mouth all the way down that shaft. Then he exploded shooting a huge load of cum I was sucking gulping taking it all in. I licked it clean my tongue in his slit searching for that last drop. About that time he said hey Jamie I think we are in the town our hotel is in.

We found our hotel, went to check in and were greeted by a good looking guy at the

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