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Bears: Daddy's Boy (1/2) 
 24 votes
Author: PghSubBear  Published: 11/30/2009  story views: 27669

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I was traveling for business and feeling a little horny so I decided to get online and see if there were any local men looking to play. After a few minutes in the chat room, I got a message asking if I was ready to be daddy’s little cock boy. I was intrigued. At work, I’m the boss. I’m a masculine bear of a guy, a stocky, 44 year old hairy guy standing 5’8” at 210 pounds. I’m used to being in charge. Here was a guy asking me to be his boy. I couldn’t tell you why now, but I answered, “Yes, sir” and my fate was sealed.

An hour later, there was a knock on my hotel room door. I was told to be naked and I was. I opened the door while trying to hide behind it and my handsome daddy bear walked in. His mere presence overwhelmed me. There he was. My 68-year-old daddy was still in his suit from work. He stood over me at 6’2” and outweighed me at 280 pounds with a belly hanging over his belt. He was clean-shaven with five o’clock shadow and I could tell he was a hairy guy. Even his thick fingers were hairy.

Daddy sat down on the edge of the bed and told me to kneel in front of him. I already felt like his submissive boy kneeling there completely naked while he was still fully dressed above me. But what happened next made me completely his. He took out a collar and put it around my neck and then attached a leash. He gave it a tug and said I was to call him daddy or sir and do as he said or he’d have to discipline me. I found myself looking down and saying, “Yes, daddy...whatever you want.”

Daddy told me to take his shoes off. I carefully untied them and pulled them off. His feet were big and wide. I snuck a look in his shoe. Size 13EEE. He said his feet were tired and I should massage them. I took his left foot in my hands. They were still a little sweaty from being in his shoes all day. I held them in my hands and rubbed them. As I lifted them up, I got a whiff and something took over. I inhaled deeply. Daddy noticed. He pushed his sweaty foot under my nose and told me to smell it. Then he pushed he toes in my mouth and told me to suck them through his sock. I was in heaven and daddy knew it. He made me repeat the process with his other foot. When I was finished, daddy took off his suit coat, tie, pants, and socks. He sat back down and told me to give him a tongue bath starting at his toes, working my way up his legs to his cock, which was still encased in a tight black jock strap.

I got to licking and enjoyed daddy's thick hairy feet and legs. When I got near his crotch, he stood up, pulled his cock from the jock and laid it on my tongue. It was still only semi-hard and it was about six inches long, uncut, and thick like the rest of daddy. I was still on my knees and daddy told me to look him in the eye. I looked up and he said, “Listen to me, boy. You will not spill a drop. Do you hear me?” I nodded yes and then felt him start to piss

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